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Ittai Shapira Op-Ed:  The Empowered Doctor

Feature:Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum

Tarisio Article:  1745 Guadagnini: 


Special Thanks to Carlos Tome, Naomi Sandler, and Jason Price

The Future of Holocaust Memory through the Arts (Daniel Libeskind Video)



STRINGS Magazine article:  The King of Concerti



Austrian premiere:Shapira's MAGYAR Concerto




Shapira Received VHF Award


AICF Artist o the week


Music Web, 2012: "A Modern Day Masterpiece"


Ittai Shapira and THE KNIGHTS



Virtuosity in the Performing Arts:

A thriving career in a changing market



Sweden: Shapira Premieres Dorman 2009



Belgrade Debut 2009



Composition Today Jan 2008


New York Times Article, Dec 2004


Menotti Violin Concerto - Ittai Shapira
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